Nicolas Rashevsky

1899, born in Ukraine
1917, joins the White Russian Navy
1920, flees with Emily to Constantinople, taught at American College
1921, moves to Prague, taught relativity
1930s, moves to Paris, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago
1938, Publ: Mathematical biophysics; physicomathematical foundations of biology
1940, Publ: Advances and applications of mathematical biology
1947, Publ: Mathematical theory of human relations, an approach to a mathematical M
1947, Creates world's first PhD program in math biology, Univ. Chicago
1948, Rapoport takes over Rashevsky's course in math biology, Rashevsky teaches math sociology
1951, Publ: Mathematical biology of social behavior
1961, Publ: Mathematical principles in biology and their applications biology of social phenomena
1968, Publ: Looking at history through mathematics
19??, died
Revised June 19, 2002 by Ralph Abraham