The Chaos Center at the Visual Math Institute

Our books on chaos

[DGB] Dynamics the Geometry of Behavior,
by Ralph Abraham and Chris Shaw.
A visual introduction to dynamical systems theory, chaos theory, and the theory of bifurcations; 645 pages, 851 illustrations, all in four colors in the 2nd edn (out of print).
The 3rd edn, 1994, monochrome, is available from Dakota Press.
The four-color 2nd edition is now out of print.
The four color 4th edition is currently in production at Aerial Press.

[XGE] Chaos, Gaia, Eros, by Ralph Abraham.
World cultural history seen from the chaos theory point of view. 1994, Harper San Francisco.

[JPX] Chaos in Discrete Dynamical Systems:
A Visual Introduction in 2 Dimensions,
by Ralph Abraham, Laura Gardini, and Christian Mira .
A visual introduction to the theories of chaos and bifurcation by the method of critical curves.
Includes extensive computer graphics by Scott Hotton, Ralph Abraham, and Daniele Fournier-Prunaret;
and a CD-ROM by Ron Record and Ralph Abraham.
Just published (May, 1997) by Telos/Springer-Verlag.

[S2X] The Stairway to Chaos
by Ralph Abraham, Laura Gardini, and Christian Mira.
This projected series will provide step-by-step profusely illustrated book/disk/website text packages for middle and high school math courses. In preparation.

A few of our recent articles on chaos theory

[MS#76] Erodynamics and the Dischaotic Personality, 1993
An application to psychology
[MS#92] Chaos and the Millennium, 1997
Regarding the creation of the future

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