References for Chaos Theory

A list of texts and software for an undergraduate course
on chaotic dynamics, most of which I have used in the classroom.

Books with disk marked D
Books with CDROM marked CD

Abarbanel, Henry D. I., 1996
Analysis of Observed Chaotic Data
New York: Springer-Verlag
Great text of Nonlinear Time Series Anaysis
Also, user's manual for software available online
Abraham, Ralph, 1994
Chaos, Gaia, Eros
San Francisco: HarperSF
Argues that our current chaos revolution is a big one.
Abraham, Ralph ,and Chris Shaw, 1981-82, 1992
Dynamics the Geometry of Behavior
Santa Cruz, CA: Aerial
Monster of visual representation
Abraham, Ralph, Laura Gardini, and Christian Mira, 1997
Chaos in Discrete Dynamical Systems
New York: Telos/Springer-Verlag
The new method of critical curves with movies on CDROM
Alligood, Kathleen T., Tim D. Sauer, and James A. Yorke, 1997
Chaos : an introduction to dynamical systems
New York: Springer-Verlag
Not at UCSC
Baker, Gregory L., and Jerry P. Gollub, 1990/1996, D/Win
Chaotic dynamics : an introduction, 2nd ed.
Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press
Software disk avail separately
UCSC Science QA862.P4 B35 1996
Berge, Pierre, Yves Pomeau, and Christian Vidal, 1984
Order within chaos : Towards a deterministic approach to turbulence
New York: Wiley
Preface by David Ruelle
UCSC Science QA614.8.B4713 1986
Borelli, Robert, and xx Coleman, 1998
ODE Architect (new software tools in beta)
Cambel, A. B., 1993
Applied chaos theory : a paradigm for complexity
Boston: Academic Press
UCSC Science Q172.5.C45C36 1993
Collet, Pierre, and Jean-Pierre Eckmann,
Iterated maps on the interval as dynamical systems.
Basel ; Boston : Birkhauser, c1980.
UCSC Science QA614.8.C64
Expert level, very satisfying.
Devaney, Robert
Chaos and Fractals
First chaos text for high schools
Devaney, Robert L., 1985/1987/1989
An introduction to chaotic dynamical systems, 2nd ed.
Redwood City, Calif.: Addison-Wesley
UCSC Science QA614.8.D48 1989
1D and 2D maps, advanced undergraduate level
Devaney, Robert L., 1990
Chaos, fractals, and dynamics: computer experiments in mathematics
Menlo Park, Calif.: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.
UCSC Science QA614.86.D48 1990
1D and 2D maps, high school level
Devaney, Robert L., 1992, D/Mac
A first course in chaotic dynamical systems: theory and experiment
Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley
UCSC Science QA614.8.D49 1992
1D and 2D maps, lower undergraduate level
Software by James George and Del Johnson avail separately
Field, Michael, and Martin Golubitsky, 1992
Symmetry in Chaos: A Search for Pattern in Mathematics, Art and Nature
Oxford: Oxford University Press
UCSC Science Q172.5.S95F54 1992
Rad graphics!!
Gleick, James
Chaos, the Making of a New Science
Read all about it, UCSC makes the history books
Guckenheimer, John, and Philip Holmes, 1983
Nonlinear oscillations, dynamical systems, and bifurcations of vector fields
New York: Springer-Verlag
UCSC Science QA867.5.G8 1983
Advanced, flows
Gulick, Denny, 1992
Encounters with chaos
New York : McGraw-Hill
Not at UCSC
Lower undergraduate level
Hao, Bai-lin, 1989
Elementary symbolic dynamics and chaos in dissipative systems
Singapore; Teaneck, NJ: World Scientific
UCSC Science Q172.5.C45H36 1989
1D and 2D maps, 2D flows, advanced
Hao Bai-lin
Elementary Symbolic Dynamics
Fast work in Beijing
Hao, Bai-lin, and Wei-Mou Zheng, 1998
Applied symbolic dynamics and chaos
Singapore; River Edge, NJ: World Scientific
Not at UCSC
Hirsch, Morris, and Steve Smale, 19xx
Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and Dynamical Systems
New York: Academic
Great book, flows done right
Hubbard, John H., and Beverly H. West, 1990
Differential equations : a dynamical systems approach
Part I: One dimensional equations
New York: Springer-Verlag
UCSC Science QA371.H77 1991
1D flows, upper undergraduate level
Hubbard, John H., and Beverly H. West, 1990
Differential equations : a dynamical systems approach
Part II: Higher dimensional systems
New York: Springer-Verlag
UCSC Science QA371.H77 1991
2D and 3D flows, upper undergraduate level
Hubbard, John H., and Beverly H. West, 1991/1995
Differential equations : a dynamical systems approach
New York: Springer-Verlag
West, Beverly H., and Hubert Hohn, 1997, D/M/Win
Interactive differential equations
Software only
[Reading, MA] : Addison Wesley Interactive, c1997
Hubbard, John H., and Beverly H. West, 1992, D/Mac
MacMath 9.0: a dynamical systems software package for the Macintosh
New York: Springer-Verlag
Book: UCSC Science QA371.H773 1991
Disk: UCSC Science DISK 233 Protect
1D maps, 2D and 3D flows
Companion to Hubbard and West, 1990 and 1991
Jackson, Edwin Atlee, Exploring nature's dynamics.
New York: Wiley, c2001.
UCSC S & E Lib QA614.8 .J33 2001 , UCSC S & E Lib Disk 1864 Protect.
Excellent graphics, software, text.
Kocak, Huseyin, 1986/89, D/Win
New York: Springer-Verlag
UCSC Science Disk 43-45 Protect
Software only
Martelli, M. (Mario), 1992
Discrete dynamical systems and chaos
New York: J. Wiley
UCSC Science QA614.8.M28 1992
Medio, Alfredo, 1992, D/??
Chaotic dynamics: theory and applications to economics
DMC software by Giampaolo Gallo
Cambridge University Press
UCSC McHenry HB145.M43 1992
Nusse, Helena, and James Yorke, 1994/98, D/Win
Dynamics: numerical explorations, 2nd ed.
New York: Springer-Verlag
Book: UCSC Science QA845 .N87 1998
Disk: UCSC Science Disk 978 Protect
Ott, Edward, Tim Sauer, and James A. Yorke, 1994
Coping with Chaos: Analysis of Chaotic Data and the Exploitation of Chaotic Systems
New York: John Wiley
UCSC Science Q172.5 C45 C67 1994
Excellent text on Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
AND collection of articles, historical and new
Peak, David, and Michael Frame
Chaos Under Control: The Art and Science of Complexity
New York: Freeman, 1944
Simple introduction to concepts of fractals, iterated functions, chaos, control, basin boundaries, self-organization, ...
Peitgen, Heinz-Otto and others
Chaos and Fractals
Another high school text, or post-graduate...
Pickover, Clifford
Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty
New York: St. Martin's, 1990
Rasband, S. Neil, 1989
Chaotic dynamics of nonlinear systems
New York: J. Wiley
UCSC Science Q172.5.C45R37 1989
1D and 2D maps and nD flows, advanced
Rucker, Rudy, 1993, D/Win
Artificial life lab
Cellular dynamata programs
Not in UC system
Rucker, Rudy, 19xx, D/Win
CA lab
Cellular Automata software
Not in UC system
Rucker, Rudy, 19xx, D/Win
Chaos: the software
Not in UC system
Ruelle, David, 1989
Chaotic evolution and strange attractors: the statistical analysis of time series for deterministic nonlinear systems
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989
Lecture notes on characteristic exponents, entropy, and dimensions
Sandefur, James T., 1990
Discrete dynamical systems: theory and applications
New York: Oxford University Press
UCSC Science QA614.8.S25 1990
Sandefur, James T., 1993
Discrete dynamical modeling
New York: Oxford University Press
UCSC Science QA614.8.S24 1993
Sprott, Julian
Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos
New York: M&T Books, 1993
Strogatz, Steven, 1994, D/Mac
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos with Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering
Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1994
UCSC Science Q172.5.C45 S767
Software available separately, cf West, 1996
Thompson, J. M. T., and H. Bruce Stewart, 1986
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos : geometrical methods for engineers and scientists
New York: J. Wiley
UCSC Science QA871.T47 1986
Flows, advanced
West, Beverly, Steven Strogatz, Jean Marie McDill, and John Cantwell; with Hubert Hohn, 1996
Interactive Differential Equations
Workbook and CDROM, accompanies Strogatz, 1994
Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Interactive

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