What's hot at the Visual Chaos Site

November, 2013: Began a new project, Chaos Movies
Jamuary 2011: Began ongoing project, Fractal Notes
April 2009: Installed HTML-Javascript-Canvas Expo
March 2005: New labs in NetLogo 3D
February 2005: New section on experimental aesthetics
January 2005: Added new Labs written in NetLogo
August 2004: Added new section: Agent Based Models
21 April 2003: Added new lab for 2D and 3D flows
07 September 2002: Chapters 2 and 3 posted of
Chaos in Discrete Dynamical Systems
17 June 2002: New page, a Lexicon of Chaos Theory
13 June 2002: New site on the Global Consciousness Project
27 May 2002: New site on Complexity
16 February 2002: New site on Fractal Geometry
17 January 2001: New site on the yarrow stalk oracle as
a model chaotic system related to the I Ching
17 April 2000: A new chaos course, Math Musings I
A very elementary course in chaos theory begins today in downtown Santa Cruz, at the Invisible College.
21 December 1999: Chaos in Discrete Dynamical Systems
Little by little we will be posting this book on this website. Today the front matter has been posted, in PDF format. To download and read this file, you must have the freeware, Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download
28 August 1999: The Chaos Lab
We are building a laboratory, a collection of computer-graphic programs and suggested experiments, for learning chaos theory. VMI Chaos Lab

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